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Our partnership school -
Istituto Salesiano G. Bearzi


The history of the Bearzi school located in Udine in the Friuli region date’s back to the 1930s. The founder of the institution was a local cleric Don Guglielmo Biasutti, who in 1932 on his own developed the idea of helping children in difficult life situations. In 1934 a local noblewoman Melania Angeli Bearzi invested her assets into supporting Don Biasutti, thanks to her a new building was bought for the expanding institution. In memory of the early passing child of the founder Don Biasutti started operating under the name Gioachino Bearzi, in this same year the school adopted Giovanni Bosco as its patron. In 1939 according to the will of the founder the school was taken over by members of the Salezian monastery.

Salesian Monsastery

It was not without reason that Don Biasutti entrusted the salesian monsastery with the institution. The foundations of the Don Bosco salesians is helping the young, the poor and the wronged. The Salesian monastery was founded in 1859 by Saint Giovanni Bosco. People that supported his views he calles Salesians, which came from the name of St. Francis of Sales, one of the most popular saints in all of northern Italy, where Don Bosco was born.  He chose St. Francis of Sales as the patron, because of his admirable life attitude. Don Bosco based his education system on three principles: mind, religion and love. He called this the preventive system.

The preventive system

The preventive system is a pedagogue methodology which characterises in:
•being between young people and helping them in their problems
•unconditional acceptance, which turns into tireless the ability to dialogue
•believing they will of good in all young people, even the most needy and developing them by giving them positive experiences
•the meaning of the mind – reasonableness in requirements, flexibility in proposals; religion the development of the sense of god inherent in each person and the effort to spread christian faith; good – educational love, which causes human growth
•positive environment and relations between humans together with the support of teachers
•believing in the positive resources in young people