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Villa Manin – Doge’s residence

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Ludvico Manin I began the construction of the villa in 1651, when their family entered the ranks of Venetian aristocracy. In fact, however, his son Francesco oversaw the completion of its construction. Subsequent parts of the villa were constructed by Domenico Rossi and Giorgio Massari, among others.
Other parts were gradually adding to the central part built by his father, so the entire Villa was created.
The Manin family was a wealthy family (e.g. they owned many Venetian ships); in addition, the Manin family included many Venetian Doges, i.e. the highest officials in the Venetian Republic. To become a doge, individuals borrowed; it was an honourable and expensive function.

For a long time, transport ran via the Villa Manin, but this changed after the discovery of America. From then on, all trade no longer went through Venice but across the ocean. Because of the small income in trade, the Manin family bought a lot of land and created an agricultural company.

Interesting facts:

  • The gardens at this Villa were designed by the designer of Venice;
  • there are 350 rooms in the Villa, but visitors only have access to part of them;
  • The last Venetian lord lord-Ludwig-lived here;
  • A Venetian writer, seeing the villa, said that it was not a villa of the Doges but a royal residence;
  • Napoleon leaving Villa Manin, stated that it would forever remain in his heart;
  • There are few furnishings in the Villa today, as they were stolen during the First and Second World Wars. Some of the items were hidden from the Nazis by residents in the area.