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Ordinary French meals

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Breakfast (Petit Déjeuner)

French breakfast is tasty, light and small. French people don’t eat much after waking up and they don’t eat warm food. Breakfast is dominated by a single croissant or a small baguette, with a small strong coffee. There are also additives like diffrent kinds of jams, yogurts or juices. Toasts are also a popular option, with there being diffrent regional variatons like Croque monsieur and Croque madame. The first is made of two crisp toast intertwined with ham and chesee, the second is made of Toast with a fried egg on top. An inseparable part of the beginning of the day for many French people is the morning cigarette with coffee. It is still very popular in france to smoke to the point, where it is normal for there to be ash trays on every table in cafes. Frequent smoking can cause multiple ilnesses like lung cancer or infertility.

Lunch (Déjeuner)

Lunch is meal served between 12 and 14. It consists of a main course and dessert in the form of something sweet or cheese. Sometimes an appetizer is also served. Currently, „Déjeuner” resemble a typical lunch, that include various types of salads, omelettes, sandwiches, and mineral water as a drink. After „Déjeuner” you can’t expect to be full, but during the holidays meals can be richer in the amount of food. The French like to eat lunch in restaurants during a break at work. Lightness and focus on quality, not quantity, makes this type of meal healthy and you shouldn’t expect any stomach ailments that would disturb the rest of the day.

Dinner (Dîner)

You could call it the queen of the day. Eaten late, between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., often with wine, less often with other beverages. It is a time of social gatherings during which hearty dishes are served, divided into three parts: appetizer, main course and dessert. „Dîner” starts with light salads, egg dishes or soups. The main meal is dominated by meat dishes served hot with the addition of vegetables, potatoes or many kinds of sauces, often based on fish. The culmination of dinner is dessert. It takes the form of cakes or various cheeses. Adults often drink wine, slowly and not in large quantities. Consuming food at such late hours can cause sleep problems and lead to becoming overweight. Regular drinking of wine has a negative impact on health and can lead to alcoholism and related diseases. However, including a large amount of vegetables in the dinner has a positive effect on the human body by providing it with the necessary vitamins and other nutrients.