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Bon appètit – briefly about French cuisine!

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Most of us associate French cuisine with baguettes and croissants as well as frogs and snails. However, it has more to offer than we think. Over the next few days you will be able to learn more about it on our blog.

France is one of the Mediterranean countries. However, we mistakenly associate it with the cuisine of this region. It’s worth seeing that it’s not the same. Mediterranean cuisine is famous for its frequent consumption of fish and seafood and fresh vegetables. Although these ingredients are also found in French cuisine, it is dominated by a diverse presence of cheeses, red meat and wine. Another important difference is that white bread, which is often found in French cuisine, should be avoided in the Mediterranean diet. French cuisine consists of many products, here we will introduce you to some of them.

For the first fire – fish and seafood. Although they are full of nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body, such as iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium, as well as omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen the immune system and protect the body against cardiovascular diseases, excessive amounts of other ingredients of French cuisine outweigh the scales to the wrong side.

Among these products are cheeses and red meat, which, despite being a good source of protein, are high in calories and in large quantities can have a bad effect on the body, e.g. by increasing cholesterol levels. In addition, meals are often deep-fried (e.g. shrimps in butter), which intensifies their negative impact on health. When butter is heated to high temperatures, harmful compounds are formed in it, which increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Frequent consumption of white bread, including the famous baguettes, added to almost every meal, also has an adverse effect on health. The French eat them both for breakfast, sweet or savory, for lunch as a sandwich during a break at work, and for dinner. This results in an excessive amount of carbohydrates delivered to the body, which leads to obesity. But how is it that the French don’t have a problem with it? You will learn about it in the next blogs.

Fresh vegetables and fruits have a limited share in the diet of the French, they are rarely added to dishes, and more of them can be seen in dishes in the summer season.

Although French cuisine is not the healthiest, many French people consider it the best in the world. However, to convince yourself of this, you should try the traditional dishes yourself and judge according to your own taste. We encourage you to continue reading our blog and follow the next posts.