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Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci in Venice

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About Leonardo

From 1503 to 1506, Leonardo da Vinci lived in Venice, where he worked for the Venetian Republic as a military engineer and architect. During this period, he created many works of art, such as „Lady with an Ermine” and „Holy Family with St. Anne and the Infant Jesus”. In addition to painting, Leonardo da Vinci also designed machines, which were used for making ropes and pumping water, among other things.


The Leonardo da Vinci Museum is located in Venice, near the Ponte dei Carmini. It was opened in 2018 on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death. The museum contains replicas of some of the inventions and machines created by Leonardo da Vinci. The museum is divided into three rooms, each containing models and replicas of da Vinci’s works. The first room contains models of technical constructions and inventions, such as a tank, a rotating bridge, and a water pump. The second room displays models of the human body and face, which were a long-standing inspiration for da Vinci. The third room houses Leonardo da Vinci’s most important works, such as the „Mona Lisa” and the „Last Supper”. The Leonardo da Vinci Museum is a must-visit for art and history lovers, as well as those interested in technology and science. Visitors can also build various objects in the museum to experience what it was like to be a Renaissance person.