What natural ingredients will turn you into a beauty goddess? Here are the most popular of them:


Olive oil has been used for skin care since antiquity – it was one of the most important ingredients in Aphrodite’s own cosmetics!

It is the perfect moisturizer for dry skin. Olive oil in its composition contains oleic acid, which prevents the loss of moisture. It also contains linoleic acid that regulates the secretion of sebum and reduces inflammation and irritation. Additionally, vitamin E, which is found in olive oil, helps to keep youth! Olive oil not only provides hydration and also helps in relieving the symptoms of acne.

Cosmetics containing olive oil are a great element that you should include in your skin care to feel like a goddess!

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The effective action of goat’s milk has been known since antiquity. Did you know that it was used at Egyptian courts, and that Cleopatra herself took her luxurious bath in it?

Therefore, if you are wondering why you should include them in your skin care, remember that cosmetics made of goat’s milk are, above all, very delicate. Other products on the market contain quite aggressive surfactants which, instead of moisturizing our skin, deprive it of its natural lipid coat and leave it dry and tense. On the other hand, rich in fats (both saturated and unsaturated) and containing a large amount of fatty acids and cholesterol, goat’s milk is perfect for our daily skin care.

It is especially recommended for people struggling with diseases such as psoriasis, xerosis or eczema, which often have too low lipid levels in the skin – as it helps to restore the lipid barrier and cares for proper hydration.

In addition, goat’s milk is a natural exfoliant, i.e. a substance that exfoliates the layer of dead skin. It leaves our skin young for a long time and supports the natural bacterial flora, and thanks to the high content of lactic acid, it is also an ideal way to prevent acne. Above all, however, it is good for our skin, which is why it is recommended to everyone – both the demanding ones and the less. 


Greek volcanic lava cosmetics have been traditionally made for thousands of years. The most popular cosmetics containing volcanic ash are masks and scrubs for the body and face, and in Greece, soaps.

Preparations with this ingredient are a great choice for people with oily skin, prone to redness or with acne and a tendency to discoloration. The minerals and compounds contained in the volcanic dust have a great nutritional value for the skin. They perfectly cleanse it, improve its blood circulation and accelerate the elimination of toxins, leaving your skin refreshed, smooth and healthy looking.

In addition, volcanic ash evens out the skin tone, slows down the aging process, improves the elasticity of the epidermis and prevents the skin from shining.


Mastiha is a natural resin from the mastic tree that grows only on the Greek island of Chios. It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, and is good for body hygiene and skin care.

An oil is distilled from the resin and must be diluted in water, tea, juice or mixed with yoghurt, honey and fruit paste. It is best to use 5 drops per 250 ml.

If we use mastih for gastrointestinal problems, it should be consumed in a natural form of resin (1 g per day).

Recommended companies: Bioplasis

Let us know in the comment which ingredient you like the most and which product you would want to include in your daily care 🙂

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